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Why Choose Waratah eConveyancing For A Property Purchase?

Bev Gunn will assist you in selling your property.

Bev is dedicated to simplifying the process of selling property. Bev provides clear and straightforward legal advice at every step of the way.

Online conveyancing simplifies the process.

Bev makes it easy to access legal advice and share documents through email and online platforms, enhancing your convenience.

Quick processing times

With digital document exchange and assessment, there's less need for face-to-face meetings, speeding up the process and ensuring you get quick updates on your document status.

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Did You Know That You Need a Contract Before an Agent Can Even List Your Property for Sale?

Waratah eConveyaning will prepare this contract for you and make sure that it includes the following documents to comply with legislative requirements:

  • A title search providing your name/s and whether the property has an outstanding mortgage on it
  • Any dealings (easements or encroachments etc)
  • Council zoning certificate
  • Water junction and sewer certificates
  • Search of the Strata title
  • A copy of the by-laws if the property has a strata title
  • Any special conditions relevant to your particular sale
  • A swimming pool compliance / non-compliance certificate (if applicable)

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Things you need to know before selling your property

Draft A Contract

Draft A Contract

A written contract is essential for every property sale. Before you begin advertising your home or scheduling open house viewings, it's crucial to have a contract prepared for prospective buyers. Our team will create this contract for you, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted sales process.

Check The Debt

Check The Debt

If there are any outstanding bills associated with your property, they will need to be settled before transferring ownership. Your potential buyer will want confirmation that all dues are cleared at settlement. Therefore, it's important to organise your finances in advance and ensure that any pending debts are paid off. Bev will confirm this with you

Double Check The Details

Double Check The Details

Selling a property involves more than just passing on the keys. When buyers review your contract, they'll likely want to clarify what's included in the sale. It's wise to have a conveyancer review these details to ensure you know precisely what's part of the deal. This step helps prevent any misunderstandings or disappointments later on.

Settle On Time

Settle On Time

You don't want any delays in your property settlement. Selling a house involves numerous details and tasks, and falling behind schedule is surprisingly easy. A delayed settlement could mean waiting additional weeks for your funds, or, in the worst-case scenario, the sale might not go through at all. To ensure everything is completed on time and to avoid these issues, it's crucial to have the proper support. Bev is here to provide the assistance you need to ensure a timely settlement

Selling a Property in Bowral?

Bev understands that navigating the Bowral property market can be overwhelming. That’s why she’s here to relieve the stress of selling your home. Our team will handle everything for you, including:

  • Crafting the Contract for Sale of Land and preparing all necessary legal documents.
  • Ordering the required searches.
  • Working with agents to sell your property on the real estate market.
  • Answering any questions from potential buyers promptly.
  • Providing advice on and reviewing any proposed changes to the Contract for Sale of Property.
  • Facilitating the exchange of contracts.
  • Managing the preparation and completion of the settlement process.
  • Taking care of mortgage releases.
  • Co-ordinating with banks, brokers, solicitors, and agents on your behalf.
  • Ensuring that any excess funds are promptly transferred to you.

With our extensive experience in handling hundreds of conveyancing cases across New South Wales, you can trust us to safeguard your legal rights and make the buying and selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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    Other Conveyancing Services Waratah eConveyancing Provides


    Bev will assist you with the legal aspects of selling your house, including drafting and reviewing the contract of sale, conducting necessary searches, liaising with the buyer’s conveyancer, and facilitating the settlement process.

    It’s advisable to engage a conveyancer before you list your house for sale. Bev can prepare the contract of sale and ensure all legal obligations are met from the start.

    The timeline can vary depending on various factors, but typically, the conveyancing process for selling a property can take between 4 to 8 weeks from the date the contract is signed.

    If issues arise post-settlement, the buyer may contact you through their conveyancer. Your conveyancer can help resolve these matters, depending on the contract terms and legal requirements.