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Why Choose Waratah eConveyancing For A Property Purchase?

Bev Gunn will assist you every step of the way

Bev is committed to making the conveyancing process straightforward for property purchasers. We offer clear, concise legal guidance throughout every phase.

Online conveyancing simplifies the process

With document sharing via email and online platforms, accessing legal advice becomes more convenient

Quick processing times

The need for in-person meetings is reduced, allowing documents to be exchanged and assessed swiftly through digital means, ensuring you receive prompt updates on the status of your documents.

Buying Property Bowral

Ready to choose a conveyancer?

When you spot your dream home, the agent might suggest a conveyancer or solicitor, but remember, you can choose your own conveyancer.

Getting a recommendation from a friend or colleague is an excellent way to find a trustworthy service, or you can search online for the best conveyancer. At Waratah eConveyancing, we are officially licensed and have a perfect 5-star rating.

It’s wise to compare quotes, but don’t just choose the cheapest option; expertise is key. An experienced conveyancer ensures you’re legally protected as you finalise your home purchase, letting you enjoy your new place without worries.

4 Things you need to know before buying property in Borwal NSW

Early Contract Review Essential

Early Contract Review Essential

Ensure your conveyancer reviews the contract early, especially before auctions, to identify any property restrictions or development limitations.

Comprehensive Government Search

Comprehensive Government Search

Your conveyancer will check government records to confirm no restrictions on your property.

Stamp Duty Compliance

Stamp Duty Compliance

Understand the necessity of paying stamp duty on your purchase. Click here to calculate the cost or contact us at 0410 622 640 for assistance.

First Home Buyer Advantage

First Home Buyer Advantage

Learn how first-time buyers can own 50% of a property, with another party covering the rest and paying the corresponding stamp duty.

Ready to Buy a Property?

Buying Property in Bowral?

Purchasing a home in Bowral represents one of the most significant financial commitments you’ll ever undertake. It’s crucial to select a conveyancer that is proficient in handling all essential aspects of the conveyancing process, including:

  • Reviewing, advising on, and requesting modifications to the Contract for Sale of Property.
  • Coordinating with your lender for finance arrangements.
  • Organising building, pest, and/or strata reports as necessary.
  • Conducting vital home searches.
  • Arranging for the payment and stamping of documents.
  • Investigating any property issues, including vested interests, outstanding dues, and disputes.
  • Facilitating the property title change.
  • Preparing and managing property settlement.
  • Making financial adjustments for rates, water, and other levies.
  • Communicating with third parties like banks, brokers, solicitors, realtors, and government bodies.

At Waratah eConveyancing, we are expert and familiar with the purchase process in Bowral ensure that your legal rights are safeguarded, and you secure clear title to your new property.

Other Conveyancing Services we provide


Conveyancers handle all legal aspects of buying property, ensuring the transaction complies with legal requirements, identifying potential issues, and ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process.

It’s advisable to hire a conveyancer when you decide to buy a property, ideally before making an offer or bidding at an auction, to ensure all legal documents are in order and your interests are protected.

Transfer duty, previously known as Stamp duty is a tax on property purchases calculated based on the purchase price or property value. We can help you calculate the exact amount and ensure timely payment. Call Us: 0410 622 640 for assistance.

Provide all requested information to us, your conveyancer, promptly, communicates openly about your needs and concerns, and ensure you understand each step of the process to help facilitate a smooth transaction.