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Welcome to Waratah eConveyancing. A multi-award-winning,  trusted conveyancer working with clients in Bowral conveyancing

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Why Waratah eConveyancing?

Like traditional conveyancing, eConveyancing’s core goal is to make property settlement as seamless as possible, ensuring that all Bowral legal and financial aspects are done precisely.

Since eConveyancing is done electronically, it replaces the tedious paperwork and time consuming processes involved in buying, selling or transferring a property.

Documents are created, signed and logged online, streamlining everything with better efficiency and accuracy.

Working with Bev Gunn;
Waratah eConveyancing in Bowral

Led by Bev Gunn, Waratah eConveyancing has delivered friendly and dedicated services to property owners in Bowral and across the Southern Highlands, New South Wales.

When you choose Waratah eConveyancing, you’re working with someone who offers extensive local knowledge, transparent services, and convenient electronic tools. Bev’s personal guidance is tailored to simplify the complex legal, administrative and financial processes involved.  Whether you are selling, buying or transferring a property, you can be confident that you’re in good, capable hands.

Bev Gunn Bowral Conveyancing

Conveyancing for Bowral Property Buyers

After a lengthy search, you may have finally found your ideal Bowral property. Should you pay for the deposit right away? Absolutely not!

Conveyancing is necessary to ensure all the paperwork and transactions are done according to mandated rules.

The conveyancing process involves engaging a licensed conveyancer to file paperwork, read through contracts and go back and forth with third parties.

From the Contract of Sale process to the financing aspect, filling out forms, and post-settlement phase,  Bev Gun will be there with you every step.  Waratah eConveyancing offers services you can truly count on.

Conveyancing for Bowral Property Sellers

The legal process of property selling is a complex one. It starts with an offer and then ends with you handing the keys to the new owner. Conveyancing is the legal and administrative paperwork and due diligence that occurs between these times.

As a property owner, you already know that conveyancing is essential to ensure all legal liabilities are in accordance with mandates and regulations.

As an experienced conveyancer, Bev Gunn can help you navigate contracts, provide guidance during the “cooling off” period, prepare documents, do Property Search other due diligence with you. As always, she goes the extra mile by providing post transaction guidance, ensuring that after settlement, everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Conveyancing for Bowral Property Transfers

With Bev’s expert legal guidance, you won’t have to go back and forth to different offices and avoid the tedious paperwork that comes with transferring your property.

You don’t want to miss a crucial detail that may cost you in the long run. Bev Gunn oversees the filing of forms and ensures that every paperwork is completed thoroughly and accurately. With her expertise, she can guide you through the crucial aspects of property transfer and advise you on avoiding legal risk.

Through eConveyancing, Bev can offer real time updates on documents and transactions regardless of your location in New South Wales. She’s committed to managing every step correctly, including filling out forms, lodging paperwork, calculating if stamp duty is assessable.

Words From Our Clients

Andrea Azoury

A good negotiator and more. 


Recommend Bev (eWaratah Conveyancing Services) to absolutely anyone who needs conveyancing services. If you want someone who has excellent customer service skills, is very experienced in their line of work, is always available, a good negotiator and more… then look no more. Bev will look after you.

Charmain Morales

She had everything organised. 


Bev was patient, understanding and guided me through an overwhelming and at times, frustrating process. She made the entire process (which had quite a few unexpected hurdles) seamless for me, as she handled all interactions professionally and without complaint. Bev was persistent and always followed up with the appropriate parties in a timely manner to try and troubleshoot the lengthy settlement. She had everything organised and made it a really easy and pleasant experience for me.  I cannot recommend Bev’s work enough and will definitely be going with her services again. Couldn’t have done it without her!

Laura Micallef

Absolutely fantastic to work with.


Huge thank you to Bev from Waratah eConveyancing. She made the whole process of purchasing a first home so easy and comfortable. Always available to answer questions and responded to emails incredibly promptly. Absolutely fantastic to work with and would certainly recommend her service to others!

Frequent Asked Questions

How is this different from consulting a property lawyer?

Aside from being more cost effective than a lawyer, conveyancer focuses on the administrative and procedural aspects of property transactions. This could include consultation, document preparation, title searches, and settlement coordination. Alternatively, lawyers possess broader legal expertise and offer comprehensive legal advice, representation, and resolution of complex real estate issues that may arise during transactions.

How long does the process take?

The conveyancing process depends on a case-to-case basis. Land surveys, property searches and mortgage applications may need to be completed on time. Expect even more delays if there are pre-existing legal issues.  On average, conveyancing takes 6-8 weeks. The conveyancing process could be completed within three weeks in cases with no mortgage or disputes.

Will everything be done online?

When you choose Waratah eConveyancing, consultation, document reviews, financial transfers and status updates can be done online. This helps us expedite transactions and lessen the manual paperwork involved.

What does a conveyancer do?

As your conveyancer, Waratah eConveyancing will thoroughly review your contract to protect your rights.  You will also be updated on the essential things related to your transaction. Bev Gunn will help you finalise the settlement and ensure everything is in place after it.

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